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Axzons is a contracted provider of CDPAP NY, a Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) that allows people to hire and manage their own caregivers.

CDPAP is a great program that allows home-care consumers to hire the caregiver of their choice, including most family members and friends. If you’re looking into the CDPAP program for the first time, you have may a lot of questions. We at Axzons have developed this guide to help you understand how the program works, answer your questions, and give you the tools you’ll need to enroll.

Get the help you need from someone you know!

about us

Axzons Home Health Care has been operating as a LHCSA and Financial Intermediary (FI)  in the state of New York and has also been awarded a Lead FI by New York State. Axzons is managed by a team of Physicians and Nurses. We’re experts at navigating the complex CDPAP program which grants Medicaid-eligible New York residents the ability to hire, train, and supervise a personal assistant of their choosing.  We will take control of the entire application process, entitling your personal assistant to a consistent salary compensation weekly.

Over the years, the team at Axzons has developed a professional, evidence-based care philosophy in our community and enhanced our expertise of working with the elderly, disabled and frail population. Axzons Home Health Care has developed relationships with all contracted MLTC plans, received recognition of excellence award as one of the Most Improved Ancillary Providers for Quality Incentive Program from the clients we serve across NY. Our operational efficiencies, corporate compliance, and integrity program, among other things, allow us to better serve the CDPAP community in New York State.

We know the CDPAP program better than anyone. We’ll process your application as efficiently as humanly possible, doing everything we can to qualify you for the benefits you deserve. There’s no need to waste time getting stuck in red tape when we can take charge of your application from start to finish.


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Provided below are the necessary forms for consumers to get started with CDPAP. Please print out and complete the forms following the order suggested below.

If you need help with anything, please call us at 1-866-429-9667

Getting Started

DOH Form – Physician’s Order (for Consumer)

  • Your Doctor must confirm that you, the consumer, are authorized to receive services.
  • This form is 100% Mandatory – Your doctor MUST fill out this form.
Changing Health Plans

PCP Transfer Form (for Consumer)

  • Consumer needs this form filled out by their Doctor to transfer from their current plan to any other type of health care plan.
Referral Information

Referral and physical form (for Personal assistant)

  • If you are a new CDPAP consumer please fill the attached referral form and fax 1-866-429-9667 or email
  • If you are a personal assistant (PA) to a consumer, please have the attached physical form completed, signed by your physician and fax 1-866-429-9667 or email

Axzons Homecare is being led by medical professionals including the doctors and the nurses who are at the very heart of quality of medical care. Our philosophy is to provide professional uncompromising compassionate care of an excellent quality in the comfort of your home by experts in the medical profession.


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